Aggeler’s Scarf Is a Fashion Accessory by Designer McQueen and Has Nothing to Do With Satanism

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Photo: Screenshot from the video of the Macedonian Ministry of Internal Affairs

The scarf that Ambassador Aggeler is wearing is just a fashion accessory by the renowned world designer, Alexander McQueen, and is not sending out any hidden messages. This color-varied scarf has been seen worn by many world-famous celebrities, such as Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian


post on the social network Facebook (screenshot here) claims that the scarf with human skulls worn by the US Ambassador to North Macedonia Angela Aggeler, is satanism and that Aggeler is part of a satanic group. This is not true – the Ambassador’s scarf is just a fashion accessory by a well-known designer.

She delivered a message from the satanic THULE society.
Grinning skulls on Aggeler’s scarf in the time when she announced that they are proceeding their way, not the way the Macedonian people choose, states the post.

A few days ago, the US Ambassador Aggeler together with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovskivisited the border crossing “Bogorodica”. She was wearing a pink scarf that attracted a great deal of attention on social networks.

The post we are fact-checking is accompanied by a text with the following headline: ”Are the skulls on Aggeler’s scarf carrying a hidden message while she is mentioning the citizens”. The text in the post claims that the US Ambassador to Macedonia, wearing a scarf depicting human skulls, is part of the satanic society THULE.

Thule was a German occult society founded in Munich in 1918 by Adam Glauer (1875-1945) who took the name Rudolf, Freiherr von Sebottendorf. This was an anti-Semitic society that had links with Adolf Hitler through the German Workers’ Party (later National Socialist German Workers Party). The activities of the Thule Group were as much political as occult and their sphere of influence included judges, police chiefs, professors, and industrialists.

The symbol of this movement, however, has nothing to do with skulls. Thule’s symbol was a swastika in the likeness of the Sun disc. They also used a swastika with a sword interwoven with oak branches. None of these symbols can be seen on the Ambassador, and so she cannot be assumed to be connected with this society. In addition, there is no logic to link a representative of the American administration with the Nazi movement. During the Second World War, the USA was part of the Allied forces that confronted the Axis Powers led by Nazi Germany.

Aggeler’s scarf is not a big mystery and does not carry a hidden message. It simply is part of the collection of the popular British brand Alexander McQueen, known for its bold and provocative designs.

The brand was established by the late British designer Lee Alexander McQueen, whose creations are avantgard, bold and loved by a large number of celebrities.

The scarf was presented for the first time in McQueen’s 2003 Spring/Summer collection, ten years after McQueen’s debut. The skulls were one of the many McQueen motifs embedded in all of his works. McQueen frequently used the human body in his creations as one of his big inspirations. The skull-model developed in his late career was a symbol of the Gothic morbid spirit of the designer – for which he was appraised by the fashion community – that was applied widely in pop culture. This color-varied scarf has been worn by many world-famous celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian.

The scarf, its designer – as well as the US Ambassador Aggeler – have nothing to do with the Nazi society Thule or with satanism. The scarf that she is wearing is just a fashion accessory by a renowned world designer and is not sending out any hidden messages. Aggeler is not the only one who has worn such a scarf. On the contrary, it is quite popular and many celebrities have worn it.

Hence, according to all of the above-noted information, we can conclude that it was falsely claimed that Aggeler is part of a satanic society.