It is not true that Germany and NATO deploy 90 thousand troops to the front with Russia

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The claim that NATO and Germany are deploying 90 thousand troops to the Ukranian front against Russia is false. The issue at hand is actually the largest NATO military drill, which began in January 2024 and concluded in May 2024. The video shared in the post is from a press conference of the German General Carsten Breuer and can be found on YouTube dated the 24th of April 2024. The video clearly shows that General Breuer is talking about the German exercise Quadriga 2024 and NATO exercise Steadfast Defender 24 



A post on Facebook is spreading lies about NATO and the European Union, including the values these two organizations advocate, and misinforms that NATO and Germany are deploying 90 thousand troops on the front with Russia:

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As part of the post, a brief video is shared with the following description: 

NATO and Germany are deploying 90 thousand troops to the front with Russia. 

This claim is incorrect – no such thing has happened. The issue at hand is actually the largest military drill of NATO member states that started in January 2024 and ended in May 2024. Over 90 thousand troops from NATO Member-States participated in the drill and they were never deployed on the Ukrainian front against Russia.

This week the Alliance initiated “Steadfast Defender 24its biggest military drills since the Cold WarIn the next few months, approximately 90 thousand NATO military staff will take part in a series of exercises throughout Europe, like those seen in Romania in 2023Fifty naval shipseighty aircraft and over a thousand combat vehiclesreported the Voice of America on the 26th of January 2024.

The video shared in the post is from a press conference of the German General Carsten Breuer and can be found on YouTube dated the 24th of April 2024. The video clearly shows that General Breuer is talking about the German exercise Quadriga 2024 and NATO exercise Steadfast Defender 24. 

As part of the big NATO drill Steadfast Defender, the ground forces of the Bundeswehr demonstrate their defensive ability in case of alliance with “Quadriga 2024That would be the biggest maneuver of the defence alliance in the last decades, said the American General Christopher Cavoli after the meeting of the NATO Military Committee in Brussels upon the occasion of launching Steadfast Defender last February, specifies the description of the YouTube video.

General Carsten Breuer (Inspector General of the Bundeswehrand General-Lieutenant Alexander Sollfrank (Commander of the Joint Support and Enabling Command — JSEC) will present the “Quadriga 2024” exercise on Monday morning (the 22nd of April 2024). The Bundeswehr will participate in Steadfast Defender 24 with the exercise “Quadriga 2024“,” specifies the description.

Therefore, no NATO troops have been deployed on the Russian front, nor is there any war between NATO and Russia — contrary to the well-known Russian disinformation narrative that Truthmeter has debunked numerous times.

Furthermore, the post emphasizes the alleged values of the EU and NATO that do not correspond at all with the actual values advocated by the EU nor with the reasons why NATO exists, just for the sake of discrediting these two organizations. Posts like this one, where NATO leaders are called “Satanists” are not new, but part of well-planned propaganda machinery that promotes this narrative to compromise the Alliance. In the past, some photographs were misused to deceive the public that world NATO leaders were “Satanists”, and Truthmeter has already covered that issue in a previous article. 

For a longer period now, propaganda against the West and NATO has been ongoing thereby satanizing this organization with no argument whatsoever. This especially intensified once NATO condemned Russian brutal unprovoked military aggression in Ukraine, which is an independent and democratic country and a close NATO partner. NATO and its allies continue to provide support to Ukraine for its undisputed right to self-defense. 

The propaganda narrative intermingled with hate speech such as “pedophile European Union” is also persistent online, aimed at discrediting the EU, even though the values defended by the EU are far from legalizing pedophilia. On the contrary, pedophilia is deemed a criminal act in all EU countries. 

According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, point 34 specifies that the government should protect children from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, including by people forcing children to have sex for money, or making sexual pictures or films of them. Child pornography is punishable and is deemed a criminal act throughout Europe. 

Due to all of the above-noted, the post is assessed as untrue, or incorrect.