Vucic’s statement that EULEX was not involved in the action in the north of Kosovo is false

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EULEX for Faktoje: We are in continuous cooperation with the Kosovo Police

The murder of a Kosovo policeman in Banjska and the subsequent events were exploited by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to stoke ethnic tensions and animosity. However, Vucic’s claim that the Kosovo Police prohibited EULEX from participating in the police operation on September 24 has been contradicted by EULEX itself. According to EULEX’s response to Faktoje, they were neither denied participation in the operation nor barred from continuing their collaboration in investigating the incident.

The narrative of Aleksandar Vučić

During a meeting with ambassadors of Western countries, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić requested that NATO take over security in the north of Kosovo, instead of the Kosovo police. Vucic made the statement on September 27th when he met the members of the informal international organization QUINT, which consists of the United States of America and four European countries (France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom). At the end of the meeting, Vucic also stated that he had asked QUINT diplomats why the European Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, EULEX, did not become part of the operation in the Banjska monastery on September 24th.

I also asked why EULEX was refused by the Kosovo police to participate in the operation developed in the northern territory of Kosovo“, said Vučić upon exiting the QUINT meeting.This news garnered global attention, raising confusion about the September 24 police operation in Kosovo.

EULEX refutes Vučić

Faktoje sought clarification from the EULEX mission in Kosovo regarding President Serbia’s claim that the mission was denied involvement in the northern Kosovo event.

In an official response to Faktoje, EULEX denied the claim raised by Vučić. They stated, “The European Union Mission for the Rule of Law in Kosovo (EULEX) was not obstructed in any way from participating or observing the operations conducted by the Kosovo Police on September 24.”

EULEX further explained that, following the attack on the Kosovo Police and their subsequent intervention, EULEX Formed Police Unit/Reserve Units and other EULEX staff members maintained close contact with the Kosovo Police and reached the Banjska Monastery area in northern Kosovo.

EULEX clarified for Faktoje “In accordance with its mandate and within the constraints of the ongoing security situation at the time, EULEX closely monitored security developments during the Kosovo Police operation, maintaining close coordination with the Kosovo Police and KFOR/NATO. The mission also monitored, and continues to monitor, activities carried out by the Kosovo authorities regarding the attack, including investigations, confiscations, and searches.”


Vucic’s claim at the end of QUINT meeting that EULEX was prevented from participating in the Kosovo Police operation is part of a narrative built on false information designed to sow confusion and ethnic animosity. At a time when the situation in the north remains fragile, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has propagated several unsubstantiated claims, offering conflicting statements.

One such claim is that “Serbia is ready to engage in dialogue with EU mediation, and the events of September 24 clearly indicate that Pristina intends to stop any agreement with Belgrade or return to normalcy.”

Meanwhile, in the Serbian language on the day of the events, Vučić declared, “Serbia will never recognize Kosovo; you can kill us all and say what you want!”

*This article was produced as part of the regional initiative the Western Balkans Anti-Disinformation HUB