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The Anti-Disinformation Network for the Balkans (ADN-Balkans) ¬†serves as the basis of a cooperation between civil society organizations, media outlets, educational institutions and all other relevant stakeholders with a goal …

Declaration on Development of Anti-Disinformation Network for the Balkans (ADN-Balkans)

WHEREAS, we are civil society organizations and media outlets in the Balkans working for fostering of the freedom of expression, association and free flow of verified information; WHEREAS we consider …

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BlueLink Foundation joins ADN-Balkans as first member from Bulgaria

By signing the ADN-Balkans Declaration on April 22, 2020. the BlueLink Foundation became the first Bulgarian member of the Anti-Disinformation network. BlueLink is a foundation, registered in public interest in Bulgaria with the mission to uphold civil society, democracy, shared European values and environmental sustainability. BlueLink strives to its purpose …