A complex conspiracy theory about the alleged persecution and murder of Andreas Noack

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The conspiracy theory about the alleged murder of the German chemist Andreas Noack attracted a lot of attention on social networks. Noack is said to have been killed for making his “discovery” of graphene hydroxide in Covid-19 vaccines public. He was reportedly killed by German police, while others say the circumstances have not yet been determined.

On November 23, 2021, Andreas Noack posted on his Telegram account a video lasting about 17 minutes, in which he claims the alleged existence of graphene hydroxide in vaccines against Covid-19 manufactured by Pfizer/BioNTech. Raskrinkavanje has written about these unfounded allegations of Andreas Noack in the analysis, which you can read here.

As professor Sanjin Gutic, Doctor of Physical Chemistry and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Sarajevo, and Dalibor Karacic, Master of Chemical Sciences, chemistry teacher and doctoral student in physical chemistry of materials and electrochemistry at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade, explained in detail, Andreas Noack’s claims about graphene hydroxide have no basis in science, primarily because graphene hydroxide does not exist. It is also completely unclear whether Noack conducted his own research or referred to an already existing research, given that no information about it has been presented or mentioned.

As “evidence” for their claims concerning Noack’s murder, conspiracy theorists often cite the fact that Noack’s home was raided by police in November last year, as recorded in a video live-streamed on YouTube. These claims have spread through Facebook in various forms: videos, status updates, and images.

Also, allegations of his alleged murder were published on the following websites: Bijeljina live, Braniteljski portal, Staro normalno, Crodex, Slike drustva, HOP, Kuckaj, Provjeri, Zvezdane staze, Homunizam, Srbin, Ekspres vesti and Epoha. Besides claims on these websites, Raskrinkavanje found the same claims in dozens of posts on various Facebook profiles and pages.

Has Andreas Noack been arrested?

As one of the arguments that allegedly proves that Noack was killed, conspiracy theorists use the fact that in November 2020, police raided his home during a live stream on YouTube. At the time, there were popular claims on social media, first posted on the Facebook page of Novo Normalno on November 19, 2020, that Noack was allegedly arrested “in a major operation by the Berlin Anti-Terrorist Unit while criticizing Angela Merkel’s new law LIVE on a YouTube channel”.

Numerous users in their Facebook posts claiming the alleged murder of Andreas Noack use the fact that a raid was carried out in his home in 2020 as alleged evidence that he was “persecuted by the German police”.

However, as Lead Stories states in its analysis on this topic from November 30, 2020, the raid did take place, but it had nothing to do with Noack himself, so he was not arrested, which was confirmed by the local police. Noack himself appeared on YouTube a day later.

So, although the 2020 recording really shows that a police raid was carried out in Noack’s home, it had nothing to do with him, and this event cannot be considered as “an evidence” for the conspiracy theory about his alleged murder.

Was Andreas Noack killed?

The claim that Andreas Noack was killed spread as a result of a video published on the Telegram network on November 27, 2021, by his partner. The same day, we found the first post of this video on Tina Tina’s profile, along with a description in our language, claiming that Noack’s “wife says her husband who found graphene in vaccines was just killed”. The same video, featuring a translation, was published on November 29 on the profile of Azra Pasic II, and it was shared more than 4,100 times.

However, the video does not state that Noack was “killed”. The woman in the video claims that Noack was “brutally attacked” and that the attack was “extremely vile and unexpected”. It is also claimed that he “did not survive the attack”. This video resulted in disinformation that Noack was killed, and led to the development of a conspiracy theory that the German authorities were allegedly behind the murder, which has spread to our speaking region.

According to the Meta tool, the article claiming that Noack was killed because of his “discovery” related to the alleged presence of “graphene oxide/hydroxide” in vaccines against Covid-19, published on December 1, 2021, on the website Bijeljina live, gathered almost 20,000 interactions on Facebook. This article states, among other things:

CONFIRMED Famous chemist Dr. Andreas Noack, the vaccine alarmist, was killed

Dr. Andreas Noack was a German scientist whose doctorate was based on graphene oxide/hydroxide. He worked for a large corporation to develop activated carbon/graphene products. Ever since he discovered what is hidden in the vaccine liquid, he has been actively exposed to dangers from the German authorities.

During a live broadcast on November 18, 2020, German police broke into his house and arrested him. Eight days ago, on November 23, Dr. Noack warned the public that graphene hydroxide particles, which in his opinion are “nano-sized razors”, are found in vaccines.

Some users claim that Noack was “persecuted” by the police, and that he was “arrested” for his “discoveries”. However, his alleged discovery of graphene hydroxide occurred in November 2021, while the alleged arrest is linked to a year earlier, i.e., November 2020. Thus, the period between these two alleged events is one year.

Some users also regard his alleged murder as the same as the police raid, claiming it was the same event. There is also no possibility that this claim is true since a year after the police raid, Noack talked about graphene.

On the other hand, others claim that Noack was killed “during a presentation” on graphene, which is also not true, because there is a recording of his presentation.

However, although it can be concluded from the content of his partner’s initial video, she later refuted the claim that Noack was killed. Several fact-checking websites in the world have already written about the conspiracy theory related to Andreas Noack, including our partner website from Croatia Faktograf on December 7, 2021, and Politifact on December 10, 2021.

On November 29, Noak’s partner published a new video on the network Telegram, in which she explains the circumstances of his death and states that the cause of death was actually a heart attack. PolitiFact states:

She explained that he had collapsed at home and had been transferred to a hospital in Wolfsberg, southern Austria. Austrian police told the regional media that Noack died a natural death. The funeral home website in Wolfsberg states that he was 57 years old.

So, the claims that Noack was killed were denied by his partner and the Austrian police.

We consider the claim that Andreas Noack was “arrested” in November 2020 to be fake news. The claim that Noack was killed receives the same assessment.
We also evaluate all the publications of these claims as a conspiracy theory.