Fake news about the numbers of people infected with COVID-19

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The media “todaynews80.com” on September 17 published an article where it claimed that in Kosovo there is an increase in cases of people infected with Covid-19.

In the title of this media it reads that COVID-19 has returned, while in the content of the article contradictory data are described with those of the Ministry of Health, where it is said that 128 cases are active with coronavirus and that during the past 24 hours the National Institute of Public Health has not has reported casualties. Furthermore, this online media writes that 15 new cases of COVID-19 have been registered and 25 patients have recovered. However, according to the latest report issued by the Ministry of Health on September 17, only 2 new cases were recorded.

This media has published the news based on an article by KlanKosova.tv about active cases of Covid-19 in Kosovo. However, the content contains the report dated September 16 of the Ministry of Health, which states that within the last 24 hours 15 active cases of COVID-19 have been recorded, while there are a total of 128 active cases.

The title of this article is tendentious and aims to increase the number of clicks, without considering the impact on the public. The news is not verified and has a great impact on increasing concern and panic in the public.

COVID-19 continues to be present around the world and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) globally, the number of new weekly cases is stable compared to last week, with over 3.2 million new cases reported. The number of new weekly deaths has decreased by 17% compared to the previous week, with over 9,800 victims reported.