It Is Not True That the Ex- Miss Ukraine Is Involved In the War in Ukraine

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Ex-Miss Ukraine, Anastasia Lena posted photos of herself posing with an automatic rifle on her Instagram profile, but that does not mean she joined the Ukrainian army. Anastasia Lena posted photos on her Instagram profile just to inspire her compatriots. “I am not a soldier, just a woman, just an ordinary citizen like all the people in my country,” she wrote on Instagram

We are reviewing a post published on the social network Facebook, in which information is shared that the former Miss Ukraine of 2015, Anastasia Lena, is involved in the fighting in Ukraine after the Russian invasion of this country.


Meet Miss Ukraine, Anastasia Lena. Anastasia was crowned the winner of the national competition in 2015, but the model changed her glamorous lifestyle to put her body on the battlefield for Ukraine.

Ukraine has 36,000 women serving in the military.

“She leaves the heels and glamor to defend her country, even if it costs her life, she is in the military and although she was out of service, she decided to rejoin the army to fight for the peace and freedom of her nation” (Miss Ukraine, Anastasia Lena), says the post we are reviewing.

However, it is not true that the former Miss Ukraine, Anastasia Lena, has joined the Ukrainian army.

On February 23 this year, Anastasia Lena really shared a photo where she is posing with a weapon. “HandsOffUkraine” and “StandWithUkraine” are written next to the photo. The photo has over 140 thousand likes.

But later, on February 27, she posted a clarification on Instagram.

I am not a soldier, just human.

I am not a soldier, just a woman, just an ordinary citizen

like all the people in my country.

All the photos on my profile are to inspire people…, wrote the former Miss Ukraine, Lena.

Given that the photos shared in the text we are reviewing are only photos with which she tried to motivate and inspire her compatriots, we assess that it is not true that the former Miss Ukraine Anastasia Lena responded to the invitation of official Kyiv for recruitment and that joined the Ukrainian army.

This disinformation has traveled the world and has been reviewed by fact-checkers in many countries.






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