Viral video showing ‘Ukrainian soldiers bidding farewell to loved ones’ is a movie clip

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A heart touching emotional scene clip claiming that Ukrainian soldiers bidding farewell to loved ones before leaving for war, has gone viral even in the social media of our country. However, Faktoje managed to verify that such scenes are part of a 2017 Ukrainian film and have nothing to do with the current Russia-Ukraine conflict.


An emotional video of soldiers circulating with the description as if they belong to the Ukrainian soldiers saying goodbye to loved ones has gone viral in social media, but also in numerous media of our country.

Many users, including well-known figures, have shared such video on their social networks, but even media have not avoid falling pray of the publication of the clip with painful scenes claiming to be videos from the war zone.

Images shared on social media

In various shows dedicated to the war, the heart touching video was discussed for a long time making everyone belie it belonged to the latest developments in Ukraine.

Faktoje verified the video by the online search engine Google reverse image and we YouTube managed to find the same images of clip that went viral in Albania. The verification showed that the clip does not belong to the current events taking place in Ukraine, but is a scene from a Ukrainian film called “The War of Chimeras”.

Screenshot from the YouTube search, movie scenes footage in 2017

Screenshot from the YouTube search, movie scenes footage in 2018

This film, was produced in 2017 and was directed by Anastasiia Starozhytska and Mariia Starozhytska.

The same report on the film clip release allegedly as a war zone view has been followed by fact-checking organizations in Ukraine and other countries where it went viral the most.

The map prepared by the signatory organizations of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN Signatorie), shows how disinformation on the invasion of Ukraine is circulating.

Aiming to raise awareness of the public not to fall prey to the spread of misinformation, especially in times of crisis, such as wars, pandemics or natural disasters, several campaigns have been made through simplified ‘tutorial’ videos on how to verify image authenticity.