Macron, French Parliament Never Stated, Never Adopted Anything to Stop or Postpone EU Enlargement

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France never adopted any Resolution to stop the EU enlargement process. This is fake newspresented as though it were true, allegedly published by the BBC. Neither did the BBC, nor any other relevant media publish such news. Apart from that, Macron never stated that North Macedonia should be told that enlargement will not happen before 2040. Both claims are disinformation 


We are fact-checking a post on Facebook sharing a piece of news, allegedly, broadcasted by the BBC that aired on the 15th of April 2024, the French Parliament adopted a Resolution according to which the European Union enlargement process should be stopped.  

Truthmeter’s fact-check showed that the BBC, on its official Facebook page has not published any such news. It is obvious from the post that BBC’s logo was abused to create fake news. BBC’s logo compared to that of the post is not the same, which can be seen from the example below. 

Another easily proven fact is that the BBC does not publish news in the Macedonian language. The BBC in Macedonian stopped broadcasting its program on the 4th of March 2011. 

We checked the alleged news that the French Parliament adopted a Resolution to stop the EU enlargement process on the official website of the BBC, but could not find it. We also Googled the “article”, but to no avail. 

It is obvious that this fake news was created by the author of the post to spread public disinformation. 

Otherwise, in terms of the French position regarding the EU enlargement, is not against it but rather it demands reforms to the enlargement process. These reforms were presented by France back in 2019. More information about the topic can be found here and here. 

Similar to this, the post published on the social network Facebook saying that ”North Macedonia should be told that enlargement will not happen before 2040” is also disinformation assigned to French President Emmanuel Macron, thereby adding the logo of Deutsche Welle, implying that such a piece of information originates from there. 

However, if both the Macedonian and the English versions of the portal Deutsche Welle are looked into, more specifically the contents mentioning the name of the French President, one would immediately see that contents with such information simply do not exist, and only the logo of Deutsche Welle was abused, the same way the BBC logo was abused. 

From the above-noted, we can conclude that France did not adopt a Resolution to stop the European Union enlargement process, nor did Macron state that North Macedonia should be told that enlargement will not happen before 2040. This is disinformation, presented as though it were true and allegedly published by the BBC and Deutsche Welle. Our fact-check showed that neither the BBC, nor the Deutsche Welle – or any other relevant medium – published such a piece of news. Therefore, we assess these posts as untrue.