Ukraine did not offer Alex Soros land for dumping toxic waste

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The news that Ukraine has made an agreement with a number of companies to authorize the dumping of toxic waste on its land is unconfirmed. Faktoje’s verification revealed that the documents brought as evidence for this refer to a presidential decree unrelated to the subject.


number of Russian media , but also some Albanian-speaking ones , have shared the news that the Soros family has made an agreement with Kiev that predicts that toxic waste from a number of companies will be buried in the fertile lands of Ukraine.

In the “Syri” media article, it is explained that “Ukrainian authorities plan to set aside 400 square kilometers of fertile land for the disposal of dangerous chemical and radioactive waste. This is stated in an agreement signed by Alexander Soros, the son of the ultra-left billionaire, George Soros.”

The document in question was made public by a French journalist, Jules Vincent, on the X social network.

From our verifications, it turns out that Alexander Soros did indeed meet with the head of the cabinet of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, on November 7, 2023 . However, reports from this meeting do not mention such an agreement.

Meanwhile, the document that acts as proof of this agreement, in two paragraphs, seems to do nothing but express Yermak’s “intention” to start the legal process to transfer “land” to the ownership of giant European companies, and Soros’s intention to ensured communication between the Ukrainian president’s office and these companies.

Furthermore, the lack of specific details, and official markers such as seals, cast doubt on the authenticity of this document.

To prove this, Faktoje decided to check the content of presidential decree 107/2023, which is cited in the above document as the legal basis for the alleged agreement.

According to the official website of the Ukrainian presidency, decree no. 107/2023 has nothing to do with any concession agreement brokered by Soros. Decree 107/2023 , signed on February 23, 2023, concerns the declaration of Hero of Ukraine of Major Oleh Vasyliovich.

Thus, the sensational news that Alexander Soros has made an agreement with Kiev to deposit toxic waste in Ukraine remains unconfirmed.