Bear in a shop video recorded in California presented as Russia

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All video materials shared in the post are from America, including the one where the bear enters the shop and the two videos where unsatisfied customers are destroying the premises or throwing foodstuffs and beverages 


We are fact-checking a post on the social network Facebook claiming the following: 

Wild Russia and the civilized West. 

Two video materials are attached as part of the post. The first one shows an unusual and uncommon situation of a bear walking into a shop, taking sweets from the shelf, opening the door, and leaving the shop. The second video is a compilation of some unsatisfied customers who go to restaurants and throw food all over the place. 

The video that the post used to illustrate Russia – the one with the bear helping itself in the shop – is, in fact, from California, USA. 

In 2022, the British Mirror and several other media reported an unusual event on a few occasions of a bear strolling into a shop for food. Consequently, the cashier joked that the “bear had manners”. The post of the Mirror was from the 14th of September 2022, while the event took place two days before that. The Mirror article published fragments of several videos from the same event, since the bear walked in and out more than once which finally resulted in the cashier barricading the door. The cashier was 54 years old (at the time) Christopher Kinson, while the shop where this happened was “Seven Eleven” in Olympic Valley, California. 

In addition, the moment when the bear leaves the shop, the left side of the door used by the bear for exiting, clearly shows an offer of a product or service whose price is specified in American Dollars, i.e., it says “$2.50”. 

The video on the right of the fact-checked post originates from the USA, i.e., Dallas, Texas, but was transmitted by Korean media. 

A woman enters a shop for alcoholic beverages and unhappy with the conditions in the shop she starts destroying the inventory, breaking everything around her, and runs away before the Police arrive. In 2021, when the incident happened, the Dallas Texas Police stated that they were searching for her. 

The other video from the second compilation, showing a man spilling food, is also from the USA which can be easily concluded from the sign over the cash register written in English language “Please have your ID ready”. 

Due to all of the above-noted facts, the fact-checked post is assessed as missing context. All video materials shared in the post are from America, including the one where the bear walks into the shop as well as the two other videos of unsatisfied customers destroying the shop or throwing around foodstuffs and beverages.