Even the Storm in New York Drawn in the QAnon-Conspiracy Theories’ Raffle

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The violent storm that hit and flooded New York last Friday did not happen because Trump supporters allegedly turned on the HAARP to rescue children trapped and abused in tunnels, as claimed in this post, but because of the impact of climate change. Kidnapping, holding, and consuming children in New York tunnels, including their rescue by Trump, is a big lie that does not stop circulating on social networks


After the heavy rainfall hit the city of New York in the USA and flooded the streets, conspiracy theories began spreading again on social networks, according to which this city had tunnels where children were kept and abused. This Facebook post (screenshot here) which shares more than one disinformation is from this group.

Some of these old buildings for the elites from the Upper West Side and Upper East are connected by tunnels and lead to the place where children are kept caged, abused, and consumed.
Under Central Park
The same children were rescued last year in improvised field hospitals and delivered to USNS Comfort (Naval hospital ship)
This week we (Blue Fraction using HARRP/Popeye Technology), the white hats, scattered all over the DUMBs where these children were held once we found out they were used again to kidnap and torture the children in New York, says the post.

It claims that the storm that hit New York was begotten by the “white hats” using HAARP technology to flood the streets, including the New York tunnels where, allegedly, kidnapped children were kept.

In the QAnon world, “White Hats” are the supporters of the administration of the former US President, Donald Trump, while those who did not support him were called “Black Hats”. The members of the QAnon movement believe that President Trump is fighting a secret war against the elite pedophiles who worship Satan and are in government, business, and media. On social networks worldwide, they publish incredible and completely unsubstantiated claims and beliefs that jointly form a set of already easily recognizable features of the Q-conspiracy theory, worthy of analysis by the world’s largest media.

Now they claim they used HAARP to cause the storm and floods in New York. This is not true.

The floods that occurred last Friday were caused by a severe storm, with more than 18 centimeters of rainfall turning the streets into fast-flowing rivers and blocking subway travel as the water was flowing into the underground transit stations.

The storm did not happen because Trump supporters turned on the HAARP, as the post falsely claims, but because of the impact of climate change that contributed to the New York rain that within a few hours amounted to a whole month’s rainfalls.

new scientific study found that, due to climate change, the type of storm seen in New York on Friday, is now 10-20 percent wetter than it would have been in the previous century. The scientists emphasize that such heavy precipitation is a symptom of the warming of the planet, with the atmosphere getting hotter, which means it can hold more moisture, which is then released during heavy rainfalls.

Apart from the severe weather conditions, the flooding also happened because the sea level is constantly rising in New York, and the ground is sinking due to the weight of the city and the outdated infrastructure.

This means that the storm has nothing to do with the Q-movement, nor with HAARP, which is not to blame, nor can it be blamed for climate change. HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Aurora Research Program, which is a joint project by various partners: the industry, the US Department of Defense, and numerous US universities. The scientists set up a laboratory in Gakona, Alaska, and installed 180 high-frequency antennas that can jointly emit 3,600 kilowatts of radiowaves at frequencies from 2.8 to 10 megahertz (high-frequency range) and allow particularly sensitive instruments to measure the physical processes that occur in that belt. Due to the new technologies embedded, the USA uses these antennas for communications, particularly, in the deep layers of the seas or the ground. But the claim that these antennas can affect climate change, thereby causing earthquakes or mood changes in people is not true.

The allegations of kidnapping, holding, and consuming children in the tunnels of New York, as well as their rescue by Trump, is also a big lie. The adrenochrome conspiracy theory is completely unfounded and spread by members of the QAnon movement who claim that President Trump is fighting a secret war against Satan-worshipping pedophile elites nested in government, business, and media. According to them, the politicians from the deep state and the Hollywood elite are involved in a large network for child abductions that harvests the chemical compound adrenochrome from sexually abused children subjected to satanic rituals. According to the information spread by QAnon, former President Trump was recruited by top military generals so that he could run for President in 2016 and destroy this criminal conspiracy and bring its members to justice. Although it has never been proven that there is a practice of extracting adrenochrome from children, this narrative does not stop circulating on social media.

In addition, we never found credible media reports or other sources that could confirm that last year, children were rescued from tunnels under New York, as the post claims. If such a thing was true, it would have made the headlines in all media, especially since the post claims that this was happening in New York, which is one of the largest, most famous, and most visited cities in the world.

The post also claims that the children were rescued last year by using improvised field hospitals. Such a hospital can be seen in the last photograph of this post. But, this photograph was taken on 16th April 2020 in New York and shows a field hospital in New York’s Central Park for treating coronavirus patients. This modular building has nothing to do with the supposedly rescued children from the tunnels of New York.

In addition, there is no confirmation or evidence that USNS Comfort was used to rescue these children. USNS Comfort is the largest hospital ship in the world with more than 700 medical personnel, 5000 units of blood, and 12 operating rooms. It is one of the largest trauma facilities in the United States. If this ship was really used to rescue children on the territory of the United States, it would not have remained a secret in the media space.

According to all the above-stated facts, we conclude that this post is spreading more disinformation and thereby deceiving social media users.