The Serbian media speculate that the Kosovo Security Force (FSK) underwent training in Croatia with the intention of attacking Serbia

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Prepared by: Ridona Berisha

The Military Police of the Kosovo Security Force (FSK) underwent training during the month of November at the “Croatia” Barracks in Zagreb, as part of the bilateral cooperation plan with the Ministry of Defense of Croatia. The aim of the training was to enhance the professional skills of the FSK’s Military Police personnel.

However, some Serbian media have misinterpreted this joint activity between the FSK and the Croatian Army, portraying it as preparation to attack Serbs.

On November 13, 2023, the Serbian media outlet Kurir published an article titled: “CROATIANS AND ALBANIANS PRACTICE FOR ATTACK AGAINST SERBS? Kurti’s ‘police’ training in Zagreb (PHOTO).”

The same article was also shared by Informer with the title: “Are they conducting drills for an attack against Serbs?! Croatia is training Kurti’s ‘police’!”


Photo: Extracted from the post of the Serbian news outlet Kurir.

However, these news outlets have not provided any evidence to support their claim. In fact, Kurir and Informer have even mixed up the institutions that were undergoing training in Croatia, by referring to the Kosovo Security Force (FSK) as Kosovo Police.

The Kosovo Security Force, through an official statement, has stated that a unit of the Military Police of the FSK (MP) attended the training on “MP Electroshock Stun Gun Training and MP Drug Test Training.”

“The training was conducted by instructors from the Croatian Military Police and it successfully fulfilled all objectives and purposes within the framework of professional preparations for the Military Police unit of the Kosovo Security Force (FSK),” stated the FSK in its Facebook announcement.

The activities of the Kosovo Security Force have been one of the main topics for which, in some instances, media close to the Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in Serbia have spread disinformation.

In the past, attempts have been made to instill fear among the Serbian citizens in Kosovo, claiming in some instances that the FSK plans incursions in the north.

*This article is published as part of the Western Balkans Regional Initiative against disinformation. Western Balkans Anti-Disinformation Hub: exposing malign influences through watchdog journalism.