Blurring the Truth of Navalny’s Death with Vaccine Disinformation

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The prominent Russian opposition leader and critic of the government, Alexei Navalny, died under suspicious circumstances. In the absence of transparency surrounding his death, disinformation is spreading in the region claiming that he died from a blood clot provoked by the Pfizer Covid vaccine. Specifically, the claim is that Navalny was a victim of a contractual killing (i.e. assassination) utilizing the Covid vaccine, rather than political repression


From: Matej Trojacanec


Disinformation is spreading in the region about the death of the most prominent leader of the Russian opposition, Alexei Navalny, alleging that it was caused by the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, or that the reason for his death was from a blood clot in his heart. Such posts can be found in Serbia (12), Montenegro, Bulgaria (1234), Albania, even in the Czech Republic (12), GeorgiaLithuania, and beyondMany posts in English can be found on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). Some of the posts are:

Deceased Navalny, allegedly, received five doses of Pfizer vaccine

Aussie Cossack shared an interesting post on his X profile this morning, stating the fact that late Alexei Navalny had received 5 doses of Pfizer vaccine, which is usually linked as one of the reasons for his sudden death.

* * *

I in fact think that Navalny was a Western execution with a lethal injection.

He received the lethal dose of Pfizer FIVE times.

It’s incredible [that] he survived for so long.

As far as it can be seen, the source is from a parody profile on X (currently suspended), which falsely presents itself as the Polish Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Photo: screenshot from X post

The screenshot from this post started circulating on the social media platforms X and Facebook. As this disinformation began to spread, a collage of similar posts was also shared, as though they were proof of the claim’s validity.

Photo: screenshot of collage of X posts


Navalny – victim of Covid-vaccine?!

Navalny’s death was expected to cause a storm of disinformation thereby blurring the truth from Russian communication channels.

users of various social media platforms speculated that his case is not about political repression or poisoning, as Navalny himself previously warned and shared with his lawyers

In that sense, users on various social media platforms speculated that this case is decidedly not about political repression and/or poisoning, as Navalny himself previously warned and shared with his lawyers. Rather, according to a post by X (former Twitter), his death was “Western execution with a lethal injection,” with the claim that he even received the Pfizer Covid vaccine five times.

Unfortunately, the question remains whether verified information about the cause of his death will ever be obtained. However, according to the official report on his death, Navalny died of natural causes.

What indicates a systematic attempt to cover up the entire process is that it took nine days to hand over Navalny’s body to his family. In addition, the deceased’s mother, Lyudmila Navalnayaaccused Russian authorities of wanting Kremlin’s greatest critic to be secretly buried:

“They want to do this secretly, without closure. They want to take me to the cemetery, to a fresh grave, and tell me, ‘Here lies your son.’ I do not accept this”, she said in a YouTube video 

On top of all the controversies surrounding Navalny’s death, according to media reports, at least 120 people have been arrested in Russia for attending gatherings to pay tribute to Navalny.

Nearly a month after the tragic event, Western journalists had a rare opportunity to directly ask Russian President Vladimir Putin about the death of his biggest critic. Having won his fifth term, which practically means that he surpassed Stalin and which makes him the longest-serving leader of Russia, he called the events related to Navalny an “unfortunate incident.”

Alexei Navalny died on the 16th of February. He was found dead in the Arctic prison “Polar Wolf” in Kharp serving a 19-year prison sentence for offenses widely considered to be politically motivated, reported the BBC. Navalny exposed huge corruption scandals worth billions of dollars linked to the highest echelons of power and Russian oligarchs.